IA Conseils acts at the request of a company or a sector whose organization or vital interests are threaten or not enough considered. We set up a strategy focusing on the economic and legal reality of our clients sectors in order to let the decision makers take it into proper consideration.

IA Conseils expertise is based on the knowledge of the legislative and political circuits including Europeans, which control a large part of national regulations. This requires a survey of parliamentary debates, monitoring procedures, a legal analysis of texts affecting the company’s business, identification of key stakeholders (elected governments, European institutions), regulatory or legislative changes
Our arguments are always based on reliable, verifiable and useful data, which is the only one, expected from the decision makers. We are committed to relaying the most honest and accurate information available.

Written notes such as briefing notes, legal analysis, and thematic files are afforded.
IA PUBLIC AFFAIRS also works on the creation of alliances and partnerships with other industry sectors, NGOs… and on communication:  organization of events (conferences, round tables), economic publications, and relevant use of the press…