IA Conseils is an independent consulting firm based in Luxembourg.

We advise our clients – particularly startups – in the analysis of environmental challenges they may face (e.g. circular economy) and their institutional approaches in Luxembourg, Paris and Brussels.


“As a bi-national citizen (Luxembourgish and French), I chose recently to create in Luxembourg an Institutional Relationships specialized firm: IA Conseils.

Carrying out the role of Environmental Director, Head of Public Affairs and Managing Director at the heart of various professional organisations has blessed me with expertise in environmental issues in such diverse industrial sectors as paper, bioplastics, recycling, food processing and energy performance certificates, among others.

I assist clients in legal analysis of environmental challenges as well as their institutional approaches in Luxembourg, Paris and Brussels.”



Isaure d’ARCHIMBAUD is the founder of IA Conseils

Holder of a French diploma of higher specialized studies (D.E.S.S), she is specialized in Insurance Law and Environment Law and has been working for many years as a writer for Lamy Assurances (Lamy editions- Wolters Kluwer).